Business & Personal coaching

This is the hard part, but I will help you. My coaching will provide your staff with the means and motivation to implement the learned skills, this is what you need! Let´s go.

How to put them in action and how to benefit the most of them.

The companies that invest in their people by providing trainings, most often forget the follow-up totally. Training isn’t the key to it all in case no-one uses the given information to benefit the company - implementation is as important as the training itself. So after all this let´s follow-up and yes it will be included.

When the people, staff or managers receive a huge amount of valuable information in training and coaching, many of them see it useful and beneficial information, but go back to their daily workload changing nothing, whaat?? And don’t understand me wrong, I know it isn’t easy to change habits one has created during years of work experience – some good and some bad. The goal of my trainings is always to give useful tools and techniques. But it all falls short if there is no follow-up. My coaching provides just that and more! 

Coaching also provides your people with the support often needed in the challenging situations at the workplace. Especially for the managers who often end up in the middle of the needs and requirements of the board, owners or higher management, and the people at work. 

My life has included multiple personal crisis – divorce, death in family, issues with authorities, burn out and so on. I know what I am talking about, I really do, go and google me. But every time I have grown and have had huge benefit from my previous mistakes and lessons in life and yes, that was long time ago but I have good memory.

My personal growth started the hardest way – in a situation when I couldn’t see any other way out than just fight it. This was a shit and tough start, but got me on the right path and I wouldn’t change it for the world, maybe I needed it? So I made all the mistakes so that you don’t need to do them.

So why do you have to wait for something shit to happen in your personal life to start evolving and changing? Why does it take a personal crisis to better us and your life? Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you would use the same amount of time as you use on developing yourselves in hobbies, profession, language skills also in personal growth?

Let me coach you now before it's too late. Talk to me know!

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